1. Love it! So glad you mentioned it on Facebook! LOL! I’ve been reading some of your blog and it’s highly entertaining. Thanks for that. I’ll be subscribing to feed now. (as if I don’t read enough blogs, but I get bored with many of them as they only post about their kids. Yours is true entertainment with a flair for writing!)

    Good to see you. Or, your Frankentoe, I should say! What happened to your toe, anyway, that required surgery?


  2. @janet – you thought you were so clever with your frankentoe, but I already put it as the mouse-over title for the picture… yeah, that’s right

    @kow – a little swelling and bruising, yes, but you’re totally correct, nothing NASTY

    @clancy – so glad you wandered over here and when I have time at home, I’m going to online stalk YOUR blog 🙂 but they block it at work

    @mel – looks so pretty, right?


  3. @janet – fine, be that way… post a comment that I can’t argue with. when you see the x-ray and realize the titanium looks like a screw inside, it will definitely confirm that the toe will forever be franken


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