Episode 27: It’s Black Friday; I’m At Work; I Don’t Work in Retail

I just got back from our on-site cafeteria. It was a long walk. I had to walk from Building 3, where I work in the mighty IT department, through buildings 2, 1.5 and into 1 where the cafeteria is.

It was rather deserted, for a Friday. There were a handful of people, yes, but still… deserted.

It’s not deserted here in IT. And just after 3:00 pm on a Friday, there is still quite a bit of hustle and bustle around the geek cube farms.

Sadly, I have only once heard a hint of the holiday we had yesterday and that came from a coworker who explained that she made mashed potatoes for the first time ever. (Seriously. I’m not making THAT up.)

Since nobody’s mentioning Thanksgiving, I’ll just have to mention it here on my blog. Even though I wasn’t feeling well, the food that I did eat was delicious and the many, many family members were a delight. I don’t think anybody’s Thanksgivings could possibly be AS good as the Campbells’. Sorry. We make the rest of the world look average.

So sitting here at work on a day when people are NOT at work, I thought I’d lift my spirits by making a list of the things I’m grateful for. It’s a work-related list.

  • A job
  • Two monitors, which I have NO idea how anybody did this job with ONLY one
  • Ten fingers—for typing (and also playing piano)
  • The New York Times crosswords in the Daily Utah Chronicle
  • Google—it taught me how to do my job… mostly
  • Not having an office—so I can hear my coworkers through the walls and remember that I am not alone, EVEN TODAY
  • Sitting close to the bathroom*
  • My fancy-dancy ergonomic chair, which keeps my back happy
  • My extension: 6226
  • Counting down to five years of service when I’ll get a gift, PLUS be fully vested in the money my company has put into my retirement account (or at least, what’s left of it)**
  • The candy bucket
  • Vending machines that have no chocolate… wait, I’m not sure I like that one

If you were to make a work-related Thanksgiving list, what would be at the top of yours?

Political Link of the Day: “The New Political Economy

Today’s extreme stock market volatility is not just a symptom of fear — fear cannot account for days of wild market swings upward — but a reaction to meta-economic events: political decisions that have vast economic effects.

*I never SMELL the bathroom, but on certain days, it’s nice to have close by… one of those days happened to be Tuesday, when I only had a short walk to the middle stall where I vomited. Hey, I got to go home early that day!

**Three and a half years done so far… so close and yet so not close. (I already used so far in the first half of the sentence so I couldn’t repeat it AGAIN.)



  1. I’m grateful for the HUGE window by my desk. That my arch nemesis (is usually either asleep at his desk while “working” or off wandering somewhere. I’m grateful I get to listen to music while I work, and tha they let me leave work odd hours so I can go to school.

    But that’s the boring list, you should ask what drives me nuts.


  2. @katie – good idea… I’ll ask the “what drives you nuts” question in my next IT office post 🙂
    I liked your list, too.


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