No Vacation for You!

People just wanted to take the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Don’t you think we all need time to sleep off all of that turkey? Sadly, shortly after seeing all of the initials of my coworkers on the calendar to take the day off, Freddy reminded us that “[the calendar] is not a play area” and erased all the vacation names in blue. Guess I’ll be at work on Friday. Fun.

Political Link of the Day: “Competing Alliteration” on Greg Mankiw’s blog

What the Obama administration is aiming for, it seems, is helpful, hopeful, and humongous.

Critics fear it might end up pointless, political, and pork-filled.


  1. What the?! I have never heard of anyone working on the Friday after Thanksgiving unless you are in retail and get slaughtered by crazy shopaholics.

    My guess is you work from a communist. Find out if your boss has ties to Fidel Castro or Michael Moore.


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