Episode 27: Rivalry Friday

It’s a big game this weekend, right? I mean, we’re talking HUGE. It is such a big deal that people’s salvations hang in the balance because it’s a holy war of sorts. You’re either blue or red—no purple allowed.

So an email went out to my entire company yesterday.

Subject: Rivalry Week Team Colors

Dear Colleagues,

In the spirit of college rivalry week, we encourage employees to wear their team colors to work on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy the excitement of the week and cheer your team to victory.

As always, please stay professional, respectful and safe at work.

Go Team!

I’m wearing my professional BYU shirt today. It has a collar, therefore, it is professional. But, it’s always a bit cold in the office so I have on my BYU sweatshirt, too. Just wanted to make sure that my boss (who’s wearing a big read Ute sweatshirt) doesn’t forget that her subordinate is cheering for the enemy.

I’m so glad they told us to be safe. Otherwise, we might start wrapping statues in saran wrap and guarding Y Mount. Oh… right. That’s what they do on campus at the Y because of the big, bad U students that are sure to go down to Provo and paint their “eternal family” statue all red. What would happen to all those Cougar fans if they woke up in the morning to find the Y on the mountain painted red and all of the ROTC cadets that were SUPPOSED to be guarding it, knocked unconscious? Rivalry week is a scary thing.

Really. It’s SCARY.

For me.

My eternal family is red. So what is the blue sheep of the family to do tomorrow if my Cougars lose to the best Ute team since Urban Meyer?

(When I was little, Jarv and Thane used to cheer for the Cougars, too.)

Political Link of the Day: “What is the average hourly wage of a UAW auto worker?

3 thoughts on “Episode 27: Rivalry Friday

  1. I must say (since no one will read this comment) that I am looking forward to wearing a red sweater in the REHEARSAL before the Broadcast on Sunday morning………..


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