Episode 26: Things Around the Office

You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that IT personnel have some strange items decorating their cubes, right? Because if you were surprised, then you CLEARLY don’t know anybody working in IT.

I took a BRIEF stroll up and down some of the rows at work and collected this little list of some of these decorations:

  • Pictures of the night support guy scrubbed in for surgery
  • A cordless drill
  • Call of Duty 4 poster
  • Postcards from across the country (where her coworkers have been while she was NOT on PTO)
  • Foam-missile guns
  • Matrix poster
  • Matrix poseable figures
  • Ant Farm
  • Computer problem resolution flow chart t-shirt
  • LCD picture frames (lots of these)
  • A troll doll with bright green hair

Next time I’m here late, when the lights have turned off, the normal people* have gone home and the only sounds are from spinning hard-drives, I may wander around and take pictures of people’s cubicles. There is one in particular that would blow you away and make you wonder where his work surface is.

As far as my desk? Well, I’ve got several different calendars, myriad pictures, some certificates of appreciation, a Get Fuzzy cartoon, an xkcd cartoon, and an x-ray of my toe.

So what do you think? How’s my toe look? Who wants to bring me dinners following surgery?

Political Link of the Day: “Obama Team Sheds Light on New Administration

*normal for IT is sort of stretching it, but go with me on this one

4 thoughts on “Episode 26: Things Around the Office

  1. Ouch! I am sorry that you have to get surgery this week and that you won’t be able to play indoor with us. Hopefully it will heal quickly. I had surgery on my broken pinky toe when I was in 5th grade and they put me in a hard cast up to my knee for months. For such a small appendage, toes can cause a lot of trouble. Good luck with surgery Thursday.


  2. @Kow – you think I limp? I so hide it.

    @Mo – I miss playing… so sad. But, I’ll be back in 6-8 weeks (hopefully) 🙂


  3. Every cube should have one. The cordless Drill.
    The Makita 18V BHP454. There I’ve said it.
    Specifications: Amp-Hour: 3.0. It Weighs in at 4.9 lb. and it can drive 227 3inch drywall screws on one battery charge.
    I must start by saying that this particular model is the best power tool I’ve ever used.
    Specifications: Amp-Hour: 3.0. It Weighs in at 4.9 lb. and it can drive 227 3inch drywall screws on one battery charge.
    Every ounce of performance has been squeezed from the battery by some pretty cluey guys who designed its high-torque motor and drive­train.
    For a large and heavy drill, it’s well-balanced and handles easily due to a nicely shaped handle with lots of rubber overmold. A real smart looking tool.
    The only problem? I found the switch to change from hammer to the drill or drive functions is hard to slide. What do you pay for this technical marvel? The damage would be around $329. Made to fit inconspicuously into the corner of your cube.


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