Happy Veterans’ Day

This week’s quote comes from one of the LAUDABLE veterans in my life: My Grumma!

“All my friends are either dead or they should be.” ~Grandma

What other grandma do you know that sends you a text on your birthday (and a card with money tucked inside, of course) and comments on your blog and laughs at videos you email to her and can put up with your facetious family for Sunday dinners? It’s because of her teasing sense of humor, too.

Political Link of the Day: “Five Myths About the Great Depression” (Here’s hoping the government isn’t AGAIN responsible for “a lost decade of economic growth.”


One comment

  1. Laur… I think our Grandma’s come from the same mold.. Serious. You know mine and she’s rad. She’s got g-chat down and would rather hang out with us than with people her own age… ah, gotta love a rad grandma… 1 month left here… insanity.


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