Imagine That — Larrie’s Reflection Theme for the Week

LRE: Sorry I’m late, doc.

DOC: I had a nice long nap so I don’t mind.

LRE: Jealous.

DOC: How come you were late?

LRE: Working. Imagine that.

DOC: I wondered if you really did that.

LRE: Well, yaknow. If you want to keep your job, you’re expected to work.

DOC: Imagine that.

LRE: Is that the theme for this session? “Imagine that”?

DOC: Could be.

LRE: It reminds me of Reflections.

DOC: Reflections?

LRE: Yeah; the PTA program where we entered art according to each year’s theme.

DOC: Oh I see.

LRE: My sister won one year and I won the first prize one year for a picture that I took of my cousin and Maren. My attempts at poetry only got honorable mentions.

DOC: Didn’t every entry get honorable mentions?

LRE: Most likely. At least in elementary school.

DOC: Imagine that.

LRE: Yes, imagine that. Hmm… if my memory serves me…

DOC: Despite all of your past drug use.

LRE: Despite that, yes… I believe once the theme was “Imagine if.”

DOC: Well imagine if McCain had won.

LRE: Why?

DOC: Wouldn’t you be happy?

LRE: We’d just get the same complaints about the electoral college and disrespect for the office of the President that people have given to Bush.

DOC: So why don’t you want to imagine McCain winning?

LRE: There’s no point. Instead, Obama won and I can offer deference to his position as the American President because I have respect for that and I think that I have class.

DOC: Imagine THAT.

Political Link of the Day: ‘Un-American’ Caller on Glenn Beck

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