Requesting Handstand Lessons

Turns out, I’m extremely poor at doing handstands when not in a swimming pool. Does this surprise anybody who knows me and my amazing flexibility / gymnastics skills?

I tried, though. I REALLY DID.

There were several handstand contests over the weekend. I lost them all.

But the fact that I TRIED shows that I was comfortable enough to make a TOTAL fool of myself with my new friends.

I didn’t know that I was getting new friends this weekend. It was a good surprise and all part of the new ward… which Lindsey named, “Larrie’s Last Singles Ward.” (I miss actually SEEING my optimistic friend instead of just reading her blog—Daybreak is SO far away.)

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of my weekend because it was rather packed and, really, do you want to know everything? Even the chores?

Doubt it.

So instead, let me just share with you a few of the lessons that I learned, thanks to the myriad of activities I was involved in and my new friends:

  • Handstands hurt with a cut on your right palm
  • DWil (new friend, male) speaks Spanish that I can understand (meaning he slows it down for me)
  • There are still women out there that think you’re funny, not competition (Chels and Amander)
  • Hanging from a zip line for 5 minutes due to technical difficulties makes for painful hip flexors
  • If you’re waiting in line for 30 minutes to ride said zip line, you might as well take pictures of you jumping (check FB where new friend, male Jeff posted them)
  • Playing with nunchuks after surviving the dreaded grove is like the cherry on top
  • The end of daylight savings means Saturday night goes on and on—why go home and go to bed?
  • We should have more holidays than just Halloween when you can dress up
  • Nieces and nephews deserve more holidays for dressing up
  • Apparently, I wear larger clothing than almost every other girl on my soccer team
  • Strange and rather creepy people eat at Village Inn late on Halloween
  • Swamp rides=kickbuttitudinousness
  • And last, new friends are fabulously sarcasmagoric.

Political link of the day: “Why the Mortgage Crisis Happened

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