Preferring to Sleep

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DOC: Come in and have a seat on my new chaise.

LRE: You mean, come in and lie down on my new chaise.

DOC: Or is it lay down?

LRE: Depends on if I’m putting myself or something else on the chaise. I could lay my purse on the chaise or I could lie myself on it. I prefer the later as I’m sleepy.

DOC: Just wanted to check that your English major nerdiness was still in check despite the years of working in IT.

LRE: And I even know the difference between lose and loose.

DOC: Amazing.

LRE: I know, right?

DOC: So you’re sleepy?

LRE: Yes, I think I’d just like to take a nap.

DOC: We could do guided imagery.

LRE: Hmm… that could be interesting. Okay, go ahead.

DOC: Okay, you are walking down a very long, thin and steep stair. It’s made up of old wood and it’s a good thing you’re wearing your sandals, missy, because otherwise you’d get some splinters. Be careful not to touch the handrails because those’ll get ya, too.

LRE: (Sitting up) Seriously? This is supposed to help me relax?

DOC: It will, just work with me here.

LRE: Right, I’ll try. (Lying back down, not laying.)

DOC: All around you on the steep hillside are dark green shrubbery planted by Sir Robin and the Knights Who Say Ni—or is it Knee—or is it ikky-ikkky-pootawn-ay-fade-away? Ahem. Close your right eye and stop leering at me.

LRE: Fine, but just so you know, I’m not very sleepy anymore.

DOC: Perfect, then, my guided imagery worked and you didn’t even have to walk all the way down the dangerous stairs to the ocean at the bottom.

LRE: Oh, the ocean sounds nice. Maybe I am sleepy.

DOC: No. No you’re not. It’s time to go back to work.

LRE: Are you kicking me out?

DOC: Yes. Get up now… please. I’d like to lie down on the chaise.

LRE: Fine. (Standing up now.) Just close your eyes and walk down a treacherous stairway. At the foot of the stairway is the ocean and there was just an earthquake 100 miles off shore so you don’t see it yet, but the tsunami’s coming. Enjoy your nap, Doc.

Political Link of the Day: ObamaCare Uses Tax Dollars for ‘Basic Health Care’ such as Abortion.



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