I Blame Facebook for my Laziness

I was going to get to bed as soon as I got home last night (around 10:45). The idea was that I would get up earlier and workout before work. I’ve been quite the slacker lately when it comes to getting to the gym AFTER work. (Apparently, I don’t want to go to the gym when I’m hungry for dinner and then don’t want to work out on a full tummy.)

My plans totally fell through. I know; you’re surprised because you think that I could suddenly acquire MIND OVER MATTRESS SKILLS and actually get up with enough time to do more than just shower really, really fast and run out the door with my shoes and socks in hand.

I blame Facebook for not getting up to work out this morning.

Of course I checked my emails before going to bed last night and found out that little brother, James (who doesn’t read this blog—shame on him, where’s the love?), was wondering when I would ever get around to posting our Seattle / Portland pictures on FB. Hello? We took 300+ pictures and the thought of uploading all of those, adding captions and then tagging the same five people in all the pics was so NOT enticing.

So I narrowed it down to 90+ pics and started uploading. It crashed Firefox.

Start over.

Uploaded them in two groups.

I finally went to bed after midnight and didn’t even bother to change my alarm to an earlier time.

Somebody who does read this blog, please tell James that he should be grateful that I put up those pictures for him. Next time, I’ll just tell him to read my blog already and find out there’s a link to plenty of pictures uploaded to Flickr.

The sleep you’ll lose for family…


2 thoughts on “I Blame Facebook for my Laziness

  1. @katie – We made a plan? shoot… I should really lay off the late night drinking cuz it’s leaving holes in my poor memory


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