No Quote of the Week for You – Happy Birthday to Me

I’m off to check out Multnomah Falls and then to treat myself to one of the best self birthday presents there is… going to Powell’s bookstore, which is an ENTIRE city block in Portland!

And what do I want from you, internet? To talk about me, of course. BRING IT ON. If you don’t know what to get me for my birthday and just don’t think we’re close enough friends to buy me a Sonicare, I’d be happy if you just left me a comment… something along the lines of, “What I remember about when we first met,” or “this is what we did the last time we hung out in the middle of the night.” Middle of the night stories are always good so you can’t go wrong there.

Happy birthday to me. Way to get older, Larrie!


11 thoughts on “No Quote of the Week for You – Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Powell’s bookstore is quite incredible – it was a highlight when we went to Portland. Of course, we had a hard time finding it, which is funny, because it’s HUGE.

    And Happy Birthday! Remember when we went around to all the apartments in our freshman ward and asked for an egg? Why did we do that? Just to see how many eggs we could get? What weirdos!


  2. Larrie and I met in the International terminal of the Salt Lake Airport. I was a refugee from Japan, she put a hat and sunglasses on me and snuck my out.

    I was kept in her apartment for a year where I learned English from their tv.

    I did my share of the chores and the girls paid my rent because of my above average make out skills and the fact that I was the “boyfriend” for social events that required a “plus one”. After a year, the girls soon became tired of my awesome knowledge of pop culture from a year of TV education and I was set free to roam the streets of Provo.

    I owe my photoshopped American citizenship to Larrie. Happy Birthday.


  3. I remember the first I met Lauren….2:15 a.m at the LDS Hospital after an excruciating birth process The little stinker was posterior). Rosebud lips and hair, all ten fingers and toes, and BREATHING (always a good thing at birth). We hung out for quite a bit that initial day, until I went to the Rostropovitch concert that evening. We got together again about 2 1/2 hours later. She was a good girl the entire time I was gone.


  4. Happy Birthday, Lares! Wow, I have so many random memories of you, but I think one that stands out was having an out-of-school-for-the-summer party after one of our elementary grades and I think we ate hot dogs, but I distinctly remember that we found some baby quails that we were playing with. Maybe we were concerned because we couldn’t see the mom and we thought we needed to take care of them. Regardless, we touched all those little ones and I bet their mom abandoned them after smelling human all over them.


  5. A Larrie memory . . . another friend of mine had heard that whomever showed up at the Campbell household for Sunday dinner at 5:00 got fed. One week we decided to try it out. (I think my friend might have warned Larrie in advance.) It was really true. If I remember correctly, some of the nieces kept us busy over on the trampoline after dinner.


  6. Hmm. Which one… actually, most of my faves are senior assassination related:
    -crashing at your aunts house
    -high speed chase on the freeway
    -trying to figure out which LeBlanc twin was which (from a distance)
    -crashing in to a certain Marianne (not because of her, just the whole mess)

    But the BEST was:
    -getting pulled over by the Undercover Gang Unit because we had squirt guns in your tinted window car down in the “ghetto” (who was the guy with us that got patted down?)


  7. @shanny – it was Sunday so we couldn’t go to the store and buy eggs… and before you knew it we had like 40 eggs because we got one from each apt. we should have done that all semester and then never gone shopping again

    @kaakun – I miss snucking you out

    @meredith – ah yes, the symphony… those were the days

    @sabrina – we ended up sending the quail to tracy aviary so that they didn’t die from our human smell

    @carolyn – Emma still remembers that… sitting on the tramp with you two

    @katie – here’s to more middle-of-the-night FB chats, eh?

    @linds – it was Frank; he was “patted” down… and then we ran into Ramsey’s house pretending to “kill” all of the people there on dates – the looks on their faces: priceless!


  8. @Linds – I’m pretty sure both Packham and Josh Lund were involved in the date night… I’ll have to check with them to see if my memory does serve me well or not. Hmm…


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