Episode 22: I Truly Heart the Company Gym

It’s truly scrumptious… (random side note after my random beginning: Linds, do you remember dancing to this song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a roadshow? Doesn’t your mom have the video stashed somewhere we could watch?)

Okay, on to my blog for the day.

We have an onsite gym here at work and while it has minimal equipment (like no bench to do an incline or decline chest press and no smith machine), it’s still a great gym for a company. Because of the minimal equipment, I choose to go to 24 hour fitness for my lifting (and because of my superbly LOW LOW membership fees – I rock!). But, turns out, I use the company gym AT LEAST four times a week. Because lists are fun, here’s a list of the reasons why:

  1. Abs / Core class – ever since I royally injured my back, I’ve been commanded from on high to strengthen my abs and core to avoid constant pain; thankfully, I can go to a 15-min class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday because we all know how lazy I can be about working out on my own.
  2. Yoga for the Back – again, it’s all related to my bestest buddy, mi espalda; my company is paying for an eight-week session of yoga classes that I attend instead of eating lunch on Fridays. Oh wait—who am I kidding? I would FAINT if I missed lunch. I eat at my desk on Fridays.
  3. Capoeira – they don’t have this class anymore because the instructor (is there are capoeira-specific title for him?) is apparently too busy, but for a time, I attempt to go against the forces of nature and try to force my body to move gracefully like these martial artists do. (If you don’t know what this is, look it up on YouTube. I can’t look it up and give you a link because they BLOCK those evil streaming media sites at work.)
  4. Health Fairs – anything that provides free goodies and drawings for prizes is something I will go to. I haven’t won anything for over a year, though (last prize was an iPod), so I’m thinking my turn is coming up again, soon… law of averages.
  5. TV – I have been known to take a break to go climb on a treadmill in order to watch TV. There was probably a really good soccer game on.
  6. Stretching – sitting in an office chair all day long is not a favorite activity for mi espalda. Sometimes, I go to the stretch classes; sometimes, I grab Stacky and the two of us go stretch out using foam rollers—is a nice break.
  7. Laughing Yoga – has ANYBODY ever heard of this before? Turns out, one of the PAs in our clinic here is CERTIFIED in this so she’s teaching a class once a week. Sadly, I missed it this week, but next week, I will totally go and take a break to laugh.
  8. Conditioning Exercises – this is a new addition I hope to include in my workouts: conditioning between lifting. One of the instructors in the wellness center emailed me this list with tons of exhausting drills. So if you see me at the gym doing the shoulder press, I will then start doing Burpees in between sets. Gotta get in shape for swimsuit season…

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