Laconic Answers

It’s time for everyone’s favorite weekly installment of Larrie’s imaginary therapy session with her very smart, very imaginary doctor. Game on.

DOC: Welcome, welcome.

LRE: Thank you, thank you.

DOC: Glad you could make it this week.

LRE: Ah, gee, thanks, doc. But really, I make it every week… for the sake of my loyal blog readers.

DOC: How many loyal readers do you have?

LRE: A handful.

DOC: Really?

LRE: Yeah; just cuz they don’t really comment doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

DOC: Okay; go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

LRE: I will; thank you very much.

DOC: So should we get to my list of questions that we never got to last week?

LRE: You have a list of questions?

DOC: Well, sort of. And I didn’t actually have them from last week, but thanks to Shanny, I have them now.

LRE: Oh, so you really didn’t put any time into it, but just swiped a list of questions from my buddy ol’ pal’s blog?

DOC: So?

LRE: Just so long as we know where you got them from.

DOC: Well, she said that any of the blogs linked to from her blog could do it and I was rather surprised that your blog was linked.

LRE: Why would you be surprised?

DOC: Because who would link to a blog like this?

LRE: The better question would be: WHO WOULDN’T?

DOC: Oh… right.

LRE: So do you want to discuss your borrowed list?

DOC: Yes, let’s.

LRE: Okay, I’m ready. Bring it.

DOC: All righty, dighty… the rule is that you have to give one word answers only.

LRE: Wow, seriously? You expect me to be laconic?

DOC: Exactly.

LRE: Do you realize who you’re talking to?

DOC: It’s all in your head, babe… it’ll be a good exercise for ya.

LRE: Right, sure. I’ll give it my bestest.

DOC: Ready? Okay… Where is your cell phone?

LRE: Desk.

DOC: This will be hard for you, what with the lack of including a verb with your subject on that one, eh?

LRE: Next?

DOC: Right, right… where is your significant other?

LRE: Gambling.

DOC: What?

LRE: Next?

DOC: Your hair color?

LRE: Rainbow.

DOC: You’re not supposed to lie.

LRE: Next?

DOC: Your mother?

LRE: Tidy.

DOC: Your father?

LRE: Punny.

DOC: I think you’re supposed to choose real words here, missy.

LRE: Next?

DOC: You’re doing well at being so laconic… Your favorite thing?

LRE: Soccer.

DOC: Your dream last night?

LRE: Fuzzy.

DOC: Wow, that’s unusual for you… right, next… Your dream/goal?

LRE: Retirement.

DOC: Ha… The room you’re in?

LRE: Cubicle.

DOC: Your hobby?

LRE: Blogging.

DOC: Your fear?

LRE: Debt.

DOC: Where do you want to be in 6 years?

LRE: Yard.

DOC: What you’re not?

LRE: Morningperson.

DOC: Hey, just because you say two words REAL FAST doesn’t make them one word.

LRE: Next?

DOC: One of your wish-list items?

LRE: London.

DOC: Where were you last night?

LRE: Soccer.

DOC: Where you grew up?

LRE: Utah.

DOC: The last thing you did?

LRE: Email.

DOC: What are you wearing?

LRE: Underwear.

DOC: Your TV?

LRE: Beautiful.

DOC: Your pet?

LRE: Beautiful.

DOC: Your computer?

LRE: Multiple.

DOC: Your mood?

LRE: Hungry.

DOC: Missing someone?

LRE: Megs.

DOC: Your car?

LRE: Tank.

DOC: Something you’re not wearing?

LRE: Earrings.

DOC: Favorite store?

LRE: Albertson’s.

DOC: Your summer?

LRE: Short.

DOC: Love someone?

LRE: Family.

DOC: Your favorite color?

LRE: Blue.

DOC: When is the last time you laughed?

LRE: Today.

DOC: Last time you cried?

LRE: Yesterday.

DOC: Really? You? Why?

LRE: Next?

DOC: That’s it; I’m done. Why’d you cry?

LRE: I’m really hungry… time for lunch.



  1. I never would have described your dad as punny. 🙂 Isn’t it spelled puny Miss Knows Everything about English?? It’s ok, I’ll still visit your blog.


  2. Oh you miss me. That’s tender… remember how I bought a flight back. Yep, I peace out of the HK on Dec 12th… So you won’t have to miss me for much longer… or you could just come to Australia with me at the beginning of December… ooh, that really is brilliant. I like it. And I like us.


  3. @megs… if I didn’t need money to pay for things (like a mortgage) I would just quit my job so I could go to Australia. Why am I not going? Why?
    It would really be the bestest Christmas present to myself and to my fabulous HK pal. sigh.


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