Once I Was MacGyver Only Cuter

Can you see me? No? James is holding my ankles while I’m hanging behind the entertainment center unplugging and plugging the DVD player back in. It was my attempt to “restart” the broken thing. We HAD to save Maren’s OC DVD inside. Basically, the machine wouldn’t turn on long enough to even eject a disc. Eventually, I found a tiny little lever hidden in a little itty-bitty slot on the under side of the machine that I pulled across with a miniature screwdriver and TA-DA… the drive opened, the disc came out. Hooray.

But before that, there was the climb-behind-the-entertainment-center-with-James-keeping-me-from-landing-on-my-head attempt to fix it.



  1. you better believe i HAD to have that disc back. have u ever tried to buy one of the six discs in a tv show….it’s practically impossible?!? Also i don’t believe that this acrobatic moment really took place. that is all


  2. Cousin Adam took the pic.
    @mern… I have another pic that Adam took, just of my legs sticking out – further proof of my dangerous acrobats all on behalf of YOUR OC dvd. that is all


  3. My sisters…they didn’t used to climb upside down behind the entertainment center for each other. So glad to finally see them playing nice. The O.C. craze, that is a whole nother topic that I prefer not to touch. Way to help out, Pledge James…or is it Jarv?


  4. pffth….

    MacGyver would have fixed the DVD player and jimmy-rigged a device out of a watch battery, glass coke bottle and 12-gauge speaker wire that cools all the components in the center to make them run 8% faster.


  5. @Kaakun – I still think I’m cuter than MacGyver. Guess I’ll call him next time, though so he fixes it and adds all those bells and whistles, too. Clearly, I made a bad judgment call on that one.
    @Jarv/Linds – You’ll have to talk with James and Maren on the OC craze. I watched the first season and then lost interest there…


  6. @jarv/larrie (wow i’m a nerd!)
    I carry no shame with me concerning my love of the oc. I acknowledge it’s trashiness at times, but watch because of two of the greatest tv characters ever. We all have guilty pleasures and lie about them…at least mine is out there. the end
    ps thanks for retrieving my disc mwah


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