At least I’ve changed…

Welcome to another installment of Therapy Thursdays where the DOC analyzes my ability to interact with society. Don’t worry; it’s not a test that I really need to pass since I work in IT—with strange introverts who decorate their cubes with ant farms, Dilbert cartoons and Matrix paraphernalia.

LRE: Hey, Doc.

DOC: Hi ya.

LRE: So you been reading or watching the news today?

DOC: Yeah; both. It’s a good day to remember.

LRE: Right; I remember—before September 11th, 2001—thinking about how the generations before me had events in their lives that they would always remember where they were and what happened. Those big news events like JFK’s Assassination, Pearl Harbor, dropping the atom bombs. I kind of thought that was there thing.

DOC: A bit naïve.

LRE: I know; I sort of had my own days that I wouldn’t ever forget; they revolved around the death of friends that died my senior year of high school.

DOC: Tends to be the sorrowful stuff.

LRE: Well, I’m sure people remember their weddings, the birth of children, etc. I’ll get those, too eventually.

DOC: Sure, keep telling yourself that.

LRE: Ha; thanks for the vote of confidence, Doc. Totally worth the money that I don’t pay you.

DOC: Sure. So now that you’ve had one of those major events for your generation, you remember where you were when the hijacked planes hit the towers?

LRE: Of course. Where were you?

DOC: Um, since I don’t really exist, I’m not really sure.

LRE: I remember eating a bowl of cereal in my parents’ kitchen, the little TV turned on announcing the first tower being struck. I was watching, holding the bowl, spooning in some sugary goodness when the second airplane came into the picture seconds before another explosion.

DOC: Did you drop your cereal?

LRE: Not sure how I didn’t, but there was no doubt that it wasn’t an accident after that.

DOC: What did you do?

LRE: Somehow, I pulled myself away and went to work; I was late now, having watched the news for too long already.

DOC: Where did you work?

LRE: United Way—in Salt Lake. When I got there, the few people that were there were all huddled around a radio listening. We didn’t have any TVs.

DOC: Is that what you did that day, then? Most people were watching what happened and you were listening to the radio?

LRE: No. We closed down the office. I remember in the afternoon, I was in my driveway doing something to my car and I heard something.

DOC: With your car?

LRE: No; up in the sky. It was an airplane flying over.

DOC: When they had all been grounded?

LRE: Yeah; it sounded… eerie.

DOC: Changed your perception.

LRE: It changed everyone’s, but eventually, we all forgot.

DOC: Yeah; it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about yourself instead.

LRE: Pretty much. I bet we can all think back on that and make lists of what’s changed—how WE’VE changed since then.

DOC: Have you?

LRE: Definitely. Get this… I’m a college graduate now.

DOC: Didn’t think you would be back then?

LRE: Not exactly. I wasn’t even really in school then so graduation seemed like a long way away.

DOC: And now graduation again seems like a long way away.

LRE: It’s true; tell me again why I wanted a master’s?

DOC: You got me, kid.

LRE: Right. I could probably make a list of 100 ways that I’ve changed since then.

DOC: And are you going to put one of those little hyperlinks here now so we can all read it?

LRE: Nah; I’m going to keep the list to myself—to my thoughts. Maybe I’ll get around to something like a journal entry. Since then, though, I have actually finished TWO journals.

DOC: Quite amazing.

LRE: Indeed.

DOC: So you’re not going to tell me how you’ve changed?

LRE: Well, I’ll tell you one of the biggest changes: optimism.

DOC: Really?

LRE: Oh yeah. With the exception of first thing in the morning, I’ve taken control of my thought patterns for the BETTAH; thank you very much.

DOC: Good to hear.

LRE: Yeah; and you should ask the blog readers what they’re biggest change has been since 9/11.

DOC: The blog readers? Who?

LRE: Just ask them.

DOC: Who’s them?

One thought on “At least I’ve changed…

  1. Hi, I’m them. Or more specifically me, since there’s only one and I don’t have multiple personalities.

    See, comments like that are the reason people (sometimes) think I’m weird. I think they’re hilarious, but no one else does. *sigh*

    Hmmm…there are hundreds of ways I’ve changed, like you. But I guess when it comes down to it, the biggest thing that has changed for me is that I have a greater love for people who do not view the world the same way I do.


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