Toasting Laina

“You went to BYU when I started talking.” -Thane

Sunday, we all shared compliments about my sisters-in-law with September birthdays: Jennie and Laina. One of the biggest things Laina may have accomplished in her life was marrying my brother because that changed a laconic man into somebody I actually have COMPLETE conversations with. She works miracles; it’s true. Thane, on the other hand, thinks that I just missed out on when he started talking by moving ALL THE WAY DOWN TO PROVO – Campbells don’t talk to people at BYU.



  1. We do talk to a few at BYU – Mason, Christopher, Heidi, and a few second cousins. As for me, I love both schools equally. Love you, Grandma C


  2. Hooray! Grandma loves my school. Celestial glory for her. And now I remember that I have fabulous cousins who went there, too. I AM NOT ALONE.


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