I think I’ll Write in Ross Perot in November

I wrote an entire blog entry about personal, political misgivings. I didn’t post it.

I considered going through McCain’s speech like Obama’s (with help from factcheck.org), but to be honest, it’s all the same: no candidate tells the truth entirely. Both parties say they’re going to bring change to Washington, but come on. They’re still politicians bending the numbers to look good for them and to be honest: Bush and Clinton both promised to bring change to Washington, too.

It’s good to know that some things in life are consistent. You can always count on politicians to tell partial lies, make promises they wont’ keep, tear down their opponents through ad campaigns and speeches, use the race/sex/age/experience/trump card, and make for humorous commentary on Jon Stewart’s and Colbert’s shows.

Also, you can always count on me to NOT go to bed at a reasonable hour, despite my promise to myself that I would try this weekend. Friday night I thought for sure I would get to bed early as my plans to St. George never quite materialized so I went to dinner with my parents and cousin, Adam. Then I stopped by Auntie N’s condo (which I love and wish were MINE) to help her with her PC. She had a mean little Trojan that took a mighty long time to fix, but we finally prevailed and I found my way home shortly after two a.m. Saturday night, I went to a movie with Pepe instead of bed, but neither of us would recommend Babylon A.D. Oh well. So then Sunday night rolled around and for sure I’d get to bed early. Ha. Instead, I wanted to help poor little Claire with the splinter in her foot. Sadly, even with my parents, Maren and Jennie helping, she went home with half a splinter still in her foot. I got to bed around 12:30 a.m.

Maybe tonight…


  1. Larrie-

    Try the local front. National politics can be depressing. It’s such a large scale thing, it’s really difficult to feel as though the people are well served. The fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in line to get $200 Billion in a taxpayer funded bail-out (that’s about 18 times Utah’s annual budget, including federal money) only makes me more angry about the book-keeping in DC.

    On the local front, it’s much more interesting. Perhaps the R dominated universe doesn’t appeal to you, but the fact that we have to budget in a way that balances, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, makes it far more reflective of how a state should be run. In fact, Utah was named the best managed state in the nation recently for the 2nd year in a row.

    I find it much easier to deal with issues locally as well. Hate the laws on campaign finance? Want higher pay for teachers? Think pet torture should be a felony? Think flavored malt beverages belong in liquor stores and not grocery stores? Heck, wanna privatize the state liquor stores? Talk to your state legislator. You’d be suprised how easy they are to interact with.


  2. @Brian – sadly, I haven’t been very involved in the local front for a few years (since I helped with Olene Walker’s campaign). I’ve got to get back in… some how.


  3. May I suggest a few good races to get involved with: (yup, all Republicans. No apologies.)

    http://www.carlenewalker.com/ One of the more interesting races. Carlene is a great legislator.

    http://www.greghughes.org/ My personal favorite legislator. He’s a budget hawk, fiscal conservative, but has been a real education advocate as well.

    And I don’t have a weblink, but if you care about healthcare issues, the most knowledgeable and intelligent legislator who is working to reform the industry is Rep. Jim Dunnigan. I’ve seen this guy work, and he’s remarkable.

    Last one: Jeff Morrow in our backyard (at least where I grew up). SLC has no Republicans representing it, which means it gets beat up on relentlessly on the Hill. Jeff has a good shot at getting SLC some decent representation on the Hill.

    Not that you asked, but these are all races that you can do a lot for with just an hour or two a week.


  4. @Brian – Thanks for info… so what makes Carlene Walker’s race one of the more interesting ones? I started looking more into the races and realized I’m behind on getting to know all of the local candidates up for the ballot this year. Better find out about Brian King and Rob Alexander from my district to start.


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