There are SO many reasons… it’s cool to be a nerd.

LRE: Don’t tell me that I look tired.

DOC: Yeah, why state the obvious?

LRE: Thanks. I brought something for you, though.

DOC: Oh you did, huh? What’s that you’ve got in your hand?

LRE: A list of 100 things.

DOC: Is that your new hobby? Making 100-items-long lists?

LRE: Mebbe.

DOC: Well, good for you; I get a kick out of them.

LRE: Seriously. Me, too. This one was the hardest and it took me a good week and a half of randomly adding items to it when I was bored with actual work.

DOC: Does that happen often?

LRE: Sure, several times a day for about 3-5 minutes each.

DOC: And five of those minutes are spent blogging around lunch time.

LRE: You got it.

DOC: Okay, so what’s this list?

LRE: Ooo, it’s a good one: 100 Reasons that I am a Nerd.

DOC: Hey, how come that’s underlined?

LRE: It’s called a hyperlink, mister.

DOC: You mean I’m actually going to have to click on that if I want to read your list?

LRE: Yup. It keeps from making this into an excessively long page. Nobody really likes to scroll that much. But it’s totally worth the effort to read it. Go on, Doc. Click it. I dare ya.

DOC: Well, I never say no to a dare…

LRE: Information I didn’t need to know.



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