A Little Something About A Survey

I know that there are many of you who have chosen not to take my blog’s cool survey. It’s your loss, seriously, because let’s be honest, I’m hilarious and therefore my survey is also hilarious. There is a theorem that proves this relationship to be true.

On the other hand, there are also those of you who HAVE taken the survey and therefore had a good laugh. I enjoyed reading your responses (in part because it made me laugh each time as well). Do you see the point here, internet? Living the good life means a lot of laughter. This is why Megs needs to come back from HK already.

So this is my response to the survey. Basically, let me tell you what people are thinking. First, WHY do ya’ll read my blog?

  1. For the laughter-induced ab workout,
  2. to online stalk me,
  3. and some want to be a part of either my every waking or my every sleeping moment.

I can’t blame you for any of those things. I’d stalk me, too.

Next, people voted on the types of blog entries they liked and the winner is:

  • those that refer to my insanity and need for therapy.

Tying at close second place:

  • those that mention you (everybody is narcissistic and I like it),
  • those that include lots of pictures.

There were other questions and answers, too. I choose to report only these ones to you.

So here’s my reward to those that took my survey. I’m going to write about THEM in the next two weeks. That means that you on the internet who choose not to participate in such entertaining surveys will miss out on getting any mention here on this sciolist blog. Also, it means that you will probably be reading very closely to try and guess who did take my survey. Enjoy.

P.S. It’s not like the survey is now retired. You’re still more than welcome to take it and get a good laugh in the process. Link in the top right corner.

One comment

  1. Fine, fine. You lured me into doing your survey with promises of free vanity posts about me. I like me. I like you, too.

    I also like your book feature even though you didn’t do it this week.


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