Finding Daddy

Mandy suggested that I throw in a whole new segment on SATURDAYS. I know, right? We’re really getting daring with this whole blogging thing. I bet you are ECSTATIC, though, aren’t you? I mean, who wouldn’t be? Now you don’t have to suffer through an ENTIRE weekend with NO Larrie fix. Plus, this is a GOOD addition to the blog. You’ve been wondering when I would finally get around to reviewing books since I’m such a bibliophile. I’m here to tell you internet that YOUR WAIT IS OVER! HOORAY!

Louise Plummer is my HERO. Or at least one of them. And she’s a hilarious author.

I heard a preview of Finding Daddy, her latest book, when I heard her read it at the Gateway Barnes & Noble. She introduced the book by saying something along the lines of, “I got to kill somebody in this one,” huge smile on her face laughing.

When the book finally came out, Amazon shipped it to me immediately. Hooray for pre-orders. When it arrived, I was SUPPOSED to be reading texts for classes, but why would I want to read those when I had a brand new murder mystery just waiting for me? I set aside my nights for it. In the end, I only had to set aside one night as I read it all in one sitting.

That equals love. When I can’t put a book down, when I read a novel in one sitting, when I give up sleep for it, that equals love and it’s true, I loved reading this book.

Quick summary: Set in the avenues in Salt Lake City, Mira Kent asks her mom to tell her about her dad. All her mom will tell her is that Mira has all his good qualities. Before long, Mira is on a mission, searching for information on him with the help of her two best friends. And Mira’s grandmother cracks me up.

I can’t remember the last time that a murder mystery made me laugh AND cry. Yes, it’s written for a young adult audience, but that just means that adults won’t get lost in huge vocabulary or wound up in excessively long sentences (think Henry James).

Also, Louise wrote the crack-you-up, highly praised novel, The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman. I gave it to G for her birthday and she agreed: good book.

One thought on “Finding Daddy

  1. I did not know you were an avid reader. I haave to give the book review at my book club in September, can you recommend a good book? One that would be of interest to older ladies. I have lots of mysteries at my house if you are interested. love you.


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