A Little Narcissicm is Good For You

The “good” DOC is not in today. Even though I have to work, he seems to think he can take a holiday for Pioneer Day. Fine; be that way. I will then take the time to talk about ME. Like I never do this on my blog, right? But guess why I know you’ll want to read through this whole list? Because you are FASCINATED with me. I know by some of your survey answers. Yes, this is the same survey that I told you to take before because you will, SERIOUSLY, get a kick out of it. (Link to the left if you haven’t noticed.) On to ME…

100 Things about ME.


One thought on “A Little Narcissicm is Good For You

  1. Emily and Kara made you take that class?

    Toe Pick!!!

    I wonder if Kara ever recorded over that video… the zooming in on Emily’s snow covered but was high-larious.


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