Episode 10: Whistling in the Dark

Since Tuesday, it’s been depressing to walk into work. Can you imagine THAT? But let’s be honest here, internet—for a job, I’ve got a pretty decent place to work, with some entertaining coworkers and all the free coffee I can drink. HOORAY FOR CHOCOLATE MILK!

But lately it’s been dark.

Monday night, I was the last one to leave in my group, around 6:00 p.m. and the security guard (WHO IS SECRETLY MY 70+ YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND AND BRINGS ME CHOCOLATE) stopped by to tell me that the badge readers weren’t working. That meant that when I finally walked out the door, there was NO coming back since my badge wouldn’t be able to unlock the door.

So now let’s take a look at my Tuesday morning: it started off late because for the first time in MANY months, I woke up without any pain (good start for my mesotherapy, eh?) although the waking up part came AFTER my alarm had gone off long enough to turn itself off, sorry neighbors, and AFTER I was supposed to be at work. I quickly grabbed my phone and tried to call Freddy and tell him, but my phone wasn’t working. Every time I opened it, it would start “sending” on its own and call the last contact listed in my recent calls. Eventually, I got my phone to stop doing that for a wee bit, called Freddy, and raced to get ready. I clocked in at 10:17 climbed up to the third floor, walked through the door and stood there in semi-darkness.

What happened? How depressing.

After turning on the lights under my overhead bins in my cube, I began reading through emails only to come across one that made me stop and stare with disbelief for AT LEAST five minutes. That’s how I found out about Laurie Taylor’s sudden death. This is the same La Tay that I had briefly discussed with my Bishop on Sunday because his sister-in-law works for her. I then made plans to stop in on Monday to chat with her because I hadn’t done that for a couple of months. I then was too busy so planned to do it Tuesday. I missed my chance.

The semi-dark work atmosphere did not help. It’s been dim since Tuesday and every day since, I’ve arrived at work, enjoyed the cool, bright mornings as I walk in from the car or from TRAX, then stepped onto the third floor and felt the doldrums roll in.

I hate it.

And I understand: hate is a strong word.

It’s hard to know if it’s more because of the loss of Laurie, the dim lights or a combination, but the jokes around here have been wanting. I’m ready for this week to end so that we can start over and laugh again.

I really like to laugh.

That’s why I have this little blog: my attempts to make myself laugh. And I won’t lie; on most days, I can go back and read things what I’ve written and I crack up at myself.

Clearly, I think I’m funny, but funny took a little vacation this week.

It’ll be back, but La Tay won’t be contributing to the laughter around here anymore. Except she will, because she left plenty of great memories including many jokes and I have a few of them saved in emails she sent me.

Thanks for your friendship, La Tay – Love, Lil’ Kicker.


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  1. Hey, I am sorry that you have had a bad week with bad news and no good jokes. We will have to laugh it up on Sunday when we are all together at your parents to make up for the rest of the week. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you to make you smile.


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