Touched by Death

DOC: You look tired.

LRE: Thanks for the compliment. I’ll go put some mascara on.

Slightly later…

LRE: How’s that?

DOC: Wow; that opened your eyes right up.

LRE: Wish it made me FEEL awake, too. Oh well. I’m saving on gas so I got up at six this morning to ride TRAX to work.

DOC: That’s not so early.

LRE: It is, too… when you normally wake up at eight and went to bed at 1:30 the night before.

DOC: So do you want to talk about sleeping?

LRE: Nah.

DOC: Oh, do you have a particular topic you’d like to cover?

LRE: Yeah. Over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to have a little chat with you about extended family, but then that changed.

DOC: Why?

LRE: One of my friends and coworkers died on Tuesday.

DOC: Sorry to hear that.

LRE: Yeah. She was only in her 40s so it was very sudden. It seems surreal.

DOC: Do you want to talk about her?

LRE: Not in a public blog. At least nothing more than to tell you that she was hilarious, called me Lil’ Kicker and signed off on her emails to me with LaTay. It was her gangsta name. Hip and short for Laurie Taylor.

DOC: And your gangsta name was Lil’ Kicker? Doesn’t sound that tough… just sounds, well, little.

LRE: All that matters is she thought I was tough enough to DESERVE a gangsta name.

DOC: I’ll give you that; judging from the pictures after the doctor stuck your back full of injections, you ARE tough.

LRE: Thanks.

DOC: You’re welcome.

LRE: It changes your priorities – losing a friend. When I was a senior in high school, I was a little obsessed with death in my journals after two of my friends died within weeks of each other. One of my entries was a list of friends and family that had died.

DOC: That is morbid.

LRE: True, but eventually I learned to look at that list and make another mental list of what those people taught me before they died, or even ways I grew stronger because of their deaths.

DOC: That’s not so morbid.

LRE: No, I think it’s healthy. And after talking to some of the people at work and hearing their anger, grief, doubt, and such, after this, I realized the BIG DIFFERENCE my faith makes. Even though friends and family can be taken away, nobody can take my faith away. It’s nice to have something to lean on in uncertain times.

DOC: And if you’ve seen the gas prices lately, these are certainly uncertain times.

LRE: Right. So I ride TRAX. Save on gas… lost some sleep.

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