Blast from the Past

I was enjoying a little reminiscing by perusing through pictures and videos stored on my old school PC. And we are talking OLD SCHOOL here, folks. Born in 2000, my old Dell PC is definitely showing his age. If I had the patience, I’d reinstall a new OS followed by all the applications and then restore the files. Seriously, though, I don’t even have time to sleep 8 hours at night so I can’t see that happening prior to retirement. Instead, I managed to remove a handful of applications and get it to work, um, not well, but at least it will turn on and connect to internet.

Here comes the fun part… for YOU. That’s right, I’m thinking of you, internet. And here it is… an INCREDIBLY random slideshow of old pictures from my PC. In no particular order, but RANDOM beyond all reason. Enjoy.

UPDATE: I removed the Autoplay from the slideshow. I swear I did, but it didn’t work once I tried to repost it to my blog. I PROMISE I’M NOT A COMPUTER IDIOT. Boo to that “software.” That’s what I get for using something online and free.

Instead, here’s a link to go and check it out. Larrie’s random slideshow is worth seeing if you knew me from, I think, 1999-2004. Or there abouts.

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