Episode 9: Scrum Porridge

As discussed previously, I often resort to drawing in meetings to keep myself awake. It also helps to keep me entertained.

We had a team meeting the other week about replacing the once-per-quarter task of reporting hours worked on specific projects with a once-per-week task of reporting those hours. You can imagine, right? People weren’t excited about it. ESPECIALLY my group who often refuse to follow processes JUST BECAUSE.

“Why won’t you send out your progress status like the rest of us?”


I found the meeting humorous. Instead of drawing, I started writing down phrases that people said, thinking it might help make a funny blog later. Guess what? It would only be funny to ME.

Of course, now you’re thinking about the ENTIRETY of this blog of mine and probably agreeing with yourself that, ‘MOST BLOG ENTRIES ARE REALLY ONLY FUNNY TO HER.’ You just don’t laugh that much at the internal conversations in MY head. Too bad, because it’s good to laugh.

I won’t make you suffer through a write up of that meeting. Instead, how about a lovely list that includes the quotes? Taken out of context, it’s your best guess what they could have possibly referred to:

  • Creation: the cool part; Appraisal: whatever.
  • And then we added prevention.
  • Is there a document?
  • I sent it to you; you just don’t read my emails.
  • Are you willing to just try it out and see how it goes?
  • Twitch, twitch, okay.
  • Hostile group.
  • Oh hell, we’re pretty nice today.
  • We’re only tracking projects, not the people.
  • Always some amount of fudging goes on in time cards.
  • Planning meetings are genetically disturbing.
  • We’re Goldilocks trying out scrum porridge.

On day one, man created an automated test script—or did he appraise it?

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