An Unknown Toy on the Island

Okay, fine. Go ahead, internet. Blame me because you’re right: it probably IS all my fault that I STILL don’t know people in my new ward nor do they really talk to me.

But one of the things that I liked the MOST about my old ward is that the regulars would go out of their way to meet and greet the not-so-regulars or the new folks. My new ward, however, basically stinks when it comes to fellowshipping. Either that or I keep on coming to church with a scowl on my face that says: LEAVE ME ALONE; I’M TOO GOOD FOR YOUR ISLAND. I don’t THINK I have a scowl.

Yesterday was the third time attending my new ward and I didn’t exactly make it to all of the meetings. Please forgive me for watching the Eurocup Final, which is only on once every four years. I went straight to church after the hottest goal keeper in Eurocup history, Casillas, lifted the trophy over his head. Hooray Spain.

Back to church: I slipped in and sat on the back row for sacrament and was quite impressed when the organist busted out some impressive pedal work and stop pulling accompanying the congregation on The Star Spangled Banner. After the meeting ended, I sat around on the back bench watching as the ward gathered in little groups and some people stared at me a little bit. At this point, you’re probably thinking, get over it already, get some guts and go up to one of those groups to introduce yourself.

Instead, I got up and went to find the Bishop to give him my tithing. After handing him the envelope, he gave me this look that I’m quite sure translated into “you look ALMOST familiar, but I really can’t put my finger on who you are, even though there are only 60 people in my ward, so I’m just going to ask a vague question while I back into my office.”

Bishop: “How’s life?”

At this point, I suddenly realized how much I had taken for granted the outreach that occurred in my previous ward. If I was the new girl in my old ward, after a month the following would have happened:

  • I would have been introduced in Sunday School followed by a group “Hello Larrie!”
  • The bishopric would have visited,
  • The Bishop would have met with me and asked about previous callings, whether I play the piano and how my dating life is going,
  • I would have been recruited to either the Lindsey or the Larrie fan club by one of the RS sisters,
  • One of the girls without a car would have called me for a ride to an activity,
  • I would have given a talk in sacrament meeting,
  • I would have given a prayer in sacrament meeting,
  • I would have a calling and not one of those made-up callings like the BYU wards (one of 20 FHE co-chairs, RS 2 newsletter coordinator, ward greeter),
  • And Alaska, Smooth Operator and Joel-in-the-box would have asked me out because that’s how they fellowshipped.

And that’s just a start…

5 thoughts on “An Unknown Toy on the Island

  1. Don’t worry 11 months in my new ward and no one knows who I am…

    oh I’m sure it would be easier if I went…

    but 2:30 pm church sucks… really…
    thats my reason.

    Why are you going to hell?
    Because 2:30 church sucks…


  2. Good advice – it takes a friend to make a friend. The members is my ward are too afraid to speak to a stranger. But when a new member is very friendly and speaks to everyone they are welcomed warmley. It is a hard thing to break into a new ward, especially if you don’t have a good friend to blaze the trail. They will soon get to know you and love you for the good person you are. Love you, Grandma C


  3. @kaakun – so apparently I should plan more socal vacations so you go to church

    @internet – my grandma comments on my blog and that straight up makes me one of the cahoolest bloggers in the blogosphere


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