This may come as a surprise to no one: people think I’m crazy


Freddy told me. He thinks I’m crazy. Other coworkers around agreed with him. Or at least they didn’t disagree.

Freddy: I read your blog. You’re crazy. What’s it called when you have voices in your head?

McJosh: Schizophrenia.

Freddy: Yeah, that.

Instead of concentrating on that conversation and the fact that the Lead in my group diagnosed my multiple personalities, I concentrated on the fact that it took reading my blog for him to figure that out. Do you know what that means? They actually think that I am normal at work. Man, I’m good.

Reasons why they think that I am normal:

  • My signature on emails looks like all the other SQAs (Software Quality Assurance Testers) in my group – nothing there about the crazies in my head.
  • My desk is just as messy as the other SQAs.
  • I work a 9-5 job.
  • My emails sound quite professional (unless you’re a developer and you tell me to “stand by” for a new release of an application – how could I NOT reply with “standing” and therefore lie about the fact that I was sitting in my ergonomically-happy chair?).
  • My voicemail message sounds fairly normal.
  • MOST people call me Lauren.
  • I wear jeans and a collared-shirt on most days.
  • I type really fast.
  • I stare at the clock waiting for 5pm.
  • Most of my sticky notes posted around my cube are boring and work related (e.g.: “InputString1: String, InputCurrency1: Currency, TFS2358-4490331, TFS2361-4490332 – what? It makes sense to ME).

Reasons why they might not think I’m normal.

  • Sometimes I send emails that say, “Standing…”
  • I check my email at midnight or on vacations.
  • I draw cartoons in meetings about Stacky defenestrating another coworker, Bret.
  • A FEW people call me things other than Lauren – like Skinny, Man-toes, Larrie, and Trashy.
  • I’m really tan.
  • I type really fast.
  • There are the other sticky notes in my cube that say not-so-boring-work-related things (e.g.: “Dear Lauren, I love you. Love, Someone Secret.”).
  • I don’t smoke or drink coffee or alcohol.
  • I rarely swear and am not obsessed with sex.
  • I blog about my normalcy or lack thereof.
  • And a Bush calendar hangs on my cubicle wall with pictures of many of my coworkers taped up next to him; they LOVE being placed so that George puts a loving arm around them!

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