A Week Without Larrie


In case you’re confused or haven’t followed my blog very well, I am currently on vacation in Newport Beach. So how can I write Friday’s post about the IT Office if I’m not in the office? That’s where the geek that is Larrie comes in.

I’ve been checking in on the IT Office via my motion-sensitive webcam in my cubicle and here’s what I’ve witnessed:

  • Josh 1 ate all of the candy in my cube that had any peanut butter.
  • Josh 2 stopped every time he walked by, hung his head and sighed.
  • Every morning, a group of software testers get together to draw straws and see who borrows my supremely ergonomic chair for the day.
  • The janitors play hang-man on my white board every night; best word so far: callipygian.
  • I always thought that janitors emptied my garbage and recycle cans every night, but this is so not true; the raccoons do it and the smaller raccoon with new liners for the garbage can is only with the group every fourth night.
  • My phone rings more when I’m not there, but my money is on Josh 2 calling just to annoy my coworkers on either side of me.
  • I still don’t know who swiped my family picture.

Don’t worry coworkers. I’ll be back on Monday. Somebody really should return my family picture.


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