No need for therapy when on vacation

I’m on vacation. I can see the ocean out the window to my right, just past a beautiful golf course. And I can hear my brothers’ kids chasing each other in between the condos. Ah, vacation… no need for Therapy Thursdays in sunny Newport Beach.

A little massage therapy wouldn’t be so bad as my legs are upset with me today for tearing up the muscles at the gym the day before Disneyland. That’s just how smart I am though. Why would I want to walk all over the park without having sore muscles to start with?

I did swim some laps at the pool with Tracy. CORRECTION: I swam over and back a few times, took a break, swam over, took a break, swam back, took a break, walked rapidly to the hot tub; Tracy swam laps. But, the movement did help my legs feel better for a bit. And then I returned to the condo to grab my laptop because I can leave work at home, but I can’t leave school. And spending just over an hour sitting still with a warm laptop on top of my quads really helps muscles to stiffen up.

While siblings played tennis, mom went shopping, kids chased each other, I wrote a paper on the professional uses of wikis and Second Life. Nothing humorous there so I don’t even know why I mentioned the topic. Perhaps I’m trying to convince you that I’m a very serious, studios and dedicated person. Yep, that’s Larrie: the epitome of the serious, studios, dedicated lifestyle.

I think I’ll make a business card that says that. Then I’ll have something to give to the guys who pick up on me at Best Buy and Wal-Mart. I’m very approachable when shopping for electronics.

Back to vacation.


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