Emma’s California To-Do List and Concerning a Dead Body

Mick emailed the family last week about the to-do list Emma wrote for our California trip. Check it out:


Mick’s translation:

Fun Things
Play game
Look at stars
Swim at the bech (also known as beach)
Have fun food
Sand big the shoa (your guess is as good as mine on that one)
Wach the f.w. (short for fireworks – and we assume she means at Disneyland)
Wach fum (or fun) movie
Do fun A. (because why write out Activities?)
Play with K. (Kate of course)
Make S.C. (sand castles)
Play with G. (although they love G this one is for Grandparents)
Wach Emma and Jane danss (which is a really cool type of dance)
Fid ice cearm (the California way to find and consume ice cream quickly)

And as a post-script, apparently it’s not that cool to mention a dead body in passing. But we only saw it in passing. Picture this: between three and four a.m. and the rest of the car is sleeping while I’m sitting shot gun talking to Jarv about dating. Up ahead there are several police cars and a firetruck in the right lane, forcing all of the traffic to merge to the left lane a few hundred yards before the first Mesquite exit. We have to slow down, to about 40 mph as we pass the ladder truck that has a large spotlight shining from its partially extended ladder.

Can somebody tell me why the authorities were allowing traffic to pass by while they had a dead body on the freeway? I won’t share details because this blog is SUPPOSED to be funny. But it was clear that the person’s head was the first thing to hit the pavement. So why were they shining a spotlight down on it and standing 20 feet away?

I’ve passed a dead body before, but there were so many cops around it and they were zipping it up in a body bag that I really didn’t see anything. Not this time.

About an hour later, when Mick and Tracy passed by in their car, Annie said there was a sheet over the body. About time.


3 thoughts on “Emma’s California To-Do List and Concerning a Dead Body

  1. Something else we can thank Henry Ford for – human roadkill. In addition to his anti-semitic tirades and making everyone believe it’s a basic human right to go ever faster. I think it’s good for us to see a dead body in the road every now and then. That is the true cost of our collective obsession. Self-inflicted terrorism.


  2. @Joseph By all means then, I hope you see lots of dead bodies on the road, if it’s good for you and all.
    And check back on the comments here if you’d like…


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