SlickRun – my BFF!!


I demand a lot from my PC. Things like a dozen DAISIES on my birthday (flower of choice all you potential daters in my COLOSSAL reading audience), taking me out to dinner when the only thing left in the cupboards is pancake mix, and running myriad of applications all day long stretched across my two monitors demanding massive amounts of CPU and memory. It’s probably not an ideal relationship for my little man, solutions-II (my computer is named after the box it resides in), but currently, it works for me.

Recently, I added another little somebody to the complexities of my relationship with my PC: SlickRun. Now… the daisies show up on my birthday, Christmas, Valentines, AND Halloween (why not? it’s my favorite holiday), the dinners also include random deliveries of Fruity Pebbles (yum!) and the myriad applications are SO MUCH EASIER TO ACCESS.

I know; I’m a geek. It’s OBVIOUS.

I would like a SlickRun for other relationships in my life, but I haven’t yet found a download for dating, extended family, or kittens with claws.

Here’s a quick run-down on my new BFF, SlickRun: it’s a little application that sits in the bottom-right screen of monitor 1 (but it’ll happily hang out wherever you tell it to) and once I define a few fields, all I have to do to run an application is type in the shortcut that I told it to use.


‘tfs’ opens Microsoft Visual Studio

‘ansrcert’ opens one of our internal applications and points to the certification databases

‘ansrprod’ opens that same internal application, but points to the production databases… nifty

‘testlink’ opens IE7 with the URL of our web application we use for writing test cases

‘morning’ opens Firefox with a couple of tabs loaded so I can read my morning newspaper and blogs while attempting to clear out my Inbox and drink my slim-fast

‘phonecall’ makes phone calls on my behalf so I don’t have to since I HATE calling almost anybody

‘jiffylube’ takes my car to the nearest station for an oil change PLUS the 15% student discount

‘dateme’ determines which guy gets to go out with me next (I USE THIS ONE THE MOST)

‘naptime’ keeps my coworkers occupied so they don’t walk by my desk while I’m catching a little bit of shut eye

‘blogaboutit’ reads my mind and writes a blog entry with all the wit and humor of my hero, Dave Barry

Now I just need to program a shortcut to do my laundry.

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