Why 24 Hour Fitness is My Gym of Choice


Yeah, that’s right… $52.33 for ONE YEAR! Do the math. How much do I pay a month? That’s right: $4.36. It’s practically free. However, time IS money and it did take me about an hour and a half negotiating three years ago to get this price. Go Larrie! How much do YOU pay? (Please don’t remind me that I actually have a free gym at work; they don’t have a smith machine so it really isn’t cool enough for ME.)

5 thoughts on “Why 24 Hour Fitness is My Gym of Choice

  1. I pay… nothing… this chiseled physique is god given…
    or something.

    yes I realize that half my female friends could run me down and beat me down… and the other half would just drive me down then beat me down… but at least I can…
    beat them at video games? no… i suck at video games.
    beat them at playing stringed instruments? no… suck at that.
    beat them at… well crap.


  2. I just threw done an absurd amount of money for my gym over here, so your status caught my eye… I pay three times as much as I payed in the US, for a gym that is not even half as nice. You’re more than welcome to come over here and negotiate a new contract for me if you have some spare time…


  3. @kaakun – I just now realized that if you do get a PS3, even if you won’t have rock band, I can still beat you at whatever game we do play and so, yes, I AM excited for you.

    @nays – I need to work on getting together some spare time to help you out. Oh, and I suppose that I should work on my incredible German skills so that I can negotiate better for you. How long does it take to learn a language?


  4. It takes a painfully long time to learn a language, I’ve been here three months now, and I still don’t know much German (ridiculous, I know) but who knows, maybe you’d pick it up faster…

    Bis spaeter…


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