How to Handle Multiple Hours of Church

Once upon a time, I thought that everybody went to church as much as I did, regardless of their religion. Now that I’m an ADULT (contrary to popular belief), I’ve learned that few people attend 3+ hours of worship each week, or even each month. But I keep going. Must be something I actually believe in, hey?

By the end of Sunday meetings, I must admit, it gets difficult to pay attention. I want to turn around and see ALL the 45 people in the congregation (my singles ward is giant). I start drawing pictures on the program. I make the people around me draw pictures on the program. And I still MOSTLY listen. As much as I can.

I did listen to Leah this week. She served a Mormon mission to Peru and was sharing some of the stories. She was there when the earthquake hit and explained why they had to pull the missionaries out of the area: most of the adobe homes had crumbled so they had no safe place to live and the nearby jail had also been partially destroyed. She explained the jail break in words similar to these:

“Five hundred prisoners of the, like, 520 in jail escaped. Not exactly the safest place.”

After this comment, I’m thinking, yikes, I wouldn’t want to be there, either.

Not Maren.

“Stupid 20,” she said.

We spent the remainder of the meeting reenacting the stupid 20 who couldn’t escape.

“Guys, wait for me… I’m stuck in adobe…”

(Follow the link to have a look-see at some of the fabulous pictures Maren, Braden, and I drew in a past fast-and-testimony meeting.)


3 thoughts on “How to Handle Multiple Hours of Church

  1. well… to be fair… a lot of kiddies are just in singles wards for the social interaction… as you saw in between meetings here…


  2. Try bringing something to read. This usually makes the time go by faster and if there is a talk that is interesting you can always stop.


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