I had NO idea… I thought they were just stretching

Belgium "stretching"You might think that this is a picture of the Belgium men’s soccer team stretching. You MIGHT. But you’d be totally wrong.

This is actually a picture of the Belgium men’s soccer squad taking a team BATHROOM BREAK.



That’s what I learned last night. The conversation went something like this:

Mick: “Abe had to pee when he was up to bat at his last tee-ball game.”

This is where Mick stands up and mimics Abe (who is five-years-old): holding the bat, holding himself, holding the bat again, and back to holding himself.

Mick: He hit the ball this time, Nice! Then after he ran the bases–because my boy does not get off first base to go potty–I took him over to the port-a-potty and had to wait in line.

This is where the conversation started wandering off into the topics of how men can pee wherever. Suddenly, Jarv jumps in…

Jarv: That’s why you have him go and “stretch.”

Oh yeah, they ALL do it. Ask the men in your life. Ask them this: “Hi man in my life. Have you ever gone down on one knee (many may now be afraid about where this conversation is leading at this point) to stretch in order to relieve yourself?” If they don’t understand you, try this: “Hey you, have you ever peed down your knee on a soccer field?” They can commit to this: YES. I even asked Thane.

Thane: I did it last week.

Thane is not a five-year-old.

Last time I peed in a field, it required a bit more than just going down on one knee.



  1. wow…. at least in hockey… there would be a red flag if there was suddenly spots of yellow ice….

    so thats why some futbol players play without undies… interesting.


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