Therapy Thursdays: My Bros Rock


Okay kids, here’s a new weekly edition to my awesome blog (we’ll see how many weeks I can consecutively keep this idea going): A little therapy session with Larrie (LRE) and the good doctor (DOC). I did this once in one of my journals the summer after high school and I went off on the poor DOC about being nervous about college and missing D-Dawg (even though I broke up with him)… and yet I still think of my past as the “good ol’ days,” ha!

DOC: Let’s talk about your brothers.

LRE: Yes, let us.

DOC: Okay, how do you feel about your relationships with them?

LRE: I feel a sort of warm fuzzy feeling inside because honestly, how many people have enough brothers to fill all their brother-needs? There’s the big-brother-tease, big-brother-bully, big-brother-goof, little-brother-tough-guy and little-brother-cutie. Don’t tell my brothers that I called ANY of them cutie. They’re all ROBUST, HARDY and MANLY.

DOC: They bully you?

LRE: Don’t sound so worried. It’s normal and if anybody hasn’t dealt with bullying, they’re probably whiners in the real world. And BOO to whiners, ya know?

DOC: Do you see your brothers often?

LRE: After I tell you this, you’ll probably explain that there can always be too much of a good thing, but I could care less to take your advice on this one, doc. Now that all of my bros live here in the city, I basically see them once a week. And then there’s the online stuff, like Facebook, MSN Messenger, blogs, emails, etc. Jarv usually gets the Reply-All emails going that keep us all connected at work. Mick checks in with me in Messenger or the all-new, fancy Facebook chat. And Pete and Jamis text a bunch. Thane’s been busy getting ready for the MCAT so I chase him down every now and then.

DOC: Do you have relationships with them other than the geeky ones?

LRE: Now you’re just not sounding particularly professional there, doc. Course I do. I work out with Pete and James… check out my muscles (DOC is so impressed). I show up at Mick’s at random times to see his kids, bug him about techy-geeky stuff and chat with Tracy about dating and such. I see Jarv when he eats food at my parents’ house and then we dragged my dad along to watch the Jazz game at Mick’s last night. I went over to Thane’s for lunch today. He updated me on his kitty, Mobster who was hit by a car, but is doing much better. See? I have bueno relationships with them. And they all offer me advice on different things: Mick—tech, Jarv—dating, Pete—financial, Thane—soccer/cats, and James—his dating. Okay so Jamis doesn’t really dole out the advice, but I seem to think that I’m big and important and can possibly give him advice about things like getting an F in a math class at mid-terms senior year. (Course, I turned mine into an A, but it’s all about negotiating and if you don’t like your teacher, you don’t really care to spend time in her presence negotiating.)

DOC: So you talk a lot.

LRE: Gee, thanks for your sage advice, mister.

DOC: See you next week.


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