Crammed in Hiding with the Toys

Last night’s FHE revolved around playing Sardines. It’s the game of choice on Cinco de Mayo, I’ll tell you what. And what did it begin with? Otter pops, of course. (And Salsa, but that actually relates to the “holiday” so I’m not going to mention that.)

Kas started the sardines game by hiding first. While we were “counting” we had an impromptu sing-along to Elephant Love Medley. Alaska put Ewan McGreggor to shame. Truly. Oh, and Heather and I would easily outshine Nicole Kidman. Then the search for Kas began. There were only so many places to hide in the church as the chapel, bathrooms, baptismal font and basement floor were off-limits. And, of course, playing with wholesome Mormons, we knew nobody would cheat.

Before long, I heard giggling. Why does it seem so funny when a group of adults are hiding in the dark under stairs and tables stored in a dark corner of the stage? I don’t know, but the giggles made it easy to avoid being the last person to find everybody.

Adam found Kas first so he hid next. I kept seeing people looking for him on the ceilings. How would he manage that? Last I checked, he wasn’t spiderman… just one of the birdfish (although the other birdfish does have an uncanny resemblance to Peter Parker). Eventually, Joe found him in the kitchen and IF I’d been carrying my phone around with me, I would have been informed of this location via text shortly after the discovery. Instead, I wandered around by myself for a while feeling lonely.


That concluded the sardines. So you see: nobody cheated, and nobody hid in a very tiny space which require a bunch of single adults to CRAM their bodies against each other. Probably good because being too close to somebody with Otter Pop breath would make me hunger for another Sir Isaac Lime.

On an unrelated note: The Evil Toy Taker has been foiled for only a short time as my closing date will be postponed to give them sufficient time to address all the must-haves I asked for in my inspection. Come on, people, how hard is it to put a P-trap on a furnace?


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