Shamelessly Promoting Myself on Facebook

So I moved blogs and we all know, that’s risky business. But I live for risks and the natural highs that come as a bonus. I mean, the high that came with saying goodbye to my Live Space was unimaginable. Truly. (Take me seriously here, folks.)

So I had to get the word out to my pals that I had moved. Of course, they could go to the (now) old blog and find out that I had moved. Or, I could broadcast to all my intimate internet buddies. Yep, I broadcast it to my 200+ bestest friends on Facebook. I figured that would at least get Kaakun, Kow, and maybe an online stalker or two to find my new home. I soon found out that Facebook was a rather useful tool for driving traffic to my new locale. See in my pretty picture below? We started the first day by informing FB friends and many stopped by. Then, visits drop so I try another FB update and BACK THEY CAME! Hooray for trying to entice people to my narcissistic world.

After I post this, yes, I will inform all my loyal followers via FB.

And LOOK! I have friends from around the world. (I labelled my friends that stop in from Germany-Nays, Hong Kong-Meghan, Cali-Kaakun, Seattle-Aimee, Me at work (it’s tough to know your own IP), Provo-Sabrina, and “Ogden”-Kow). If you’re feeling left out because you don’t have a label on my account, by all means, do let me know what your IP is and I will gladly label you. (What an honor THAT would be.)

P.S. I don’t associate with people in the southern half of the hemisphere. Sorry.


  1. So how many people is that a month? I get about 300 a month(I blocked my home IP address on the counter).

    and that doesn’t include the spies via rss readers.


  2. Since we haven’t been open a month, I’m using my impressive math skills here and (not including today, which already since posting my “status” on FB has gone up by 10 hits), the average comes to 17.25 hits a day, 517.5 in a 30-day month. So are you the .5 Kaakun?
    And that’s the numbers from the wordpress stats (which block my IP), not from statcounter, which I use for the pretty map and stalking my own stalkers.
    By the way, your blog doesn’t let me add an RSS to (how I access blogs at work) so I haven’t hit up kaakun for sometime. That’s your fault. Yup.


  3. All I have to say is, this “Kaakun” and I freakin’ rule your comment world! 😉 And yes, you are a shameless hussy. (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence.)


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