Condo Conundrum

I knew that the process of purchasing my own place wouldn’t exactly be a walk in the park. However, as the closing date nears, it’s becoming more complicated. The rising difficulties as the official date for signing my life (and Roth IRA) away looms nearer, could be viewed as a sign. How you interpret the sign determines whether it’s good or bad. First interpretation: the bumps in the road are only hinting at the sinkholes in the future. Second interpretation: the stormy conditions right now are only trying to scare me away before the smooth sailing to come. Could somebody please read my palms or pull out some tarot cards and tell me if it’s sinkholes or sunny weather to come? My departure from the Island of the Misfit Toys depends on this. Here are some of the bumps or stormy conditions:

  • A very messy bathtub–I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer not to bathe in a tub that’s lined with grimy black paint dumped in it after the rails outside were repainted.
  • A scratched up sink–who are these contractors that think it’s fine to scrub down a sink with steel wool? I’m not a very big fan of the aged-three-years look when it comes to brand new appliainces.
  • It’s possible that the shower is not properly sealed and mold is not my friend.
  • The walls are supposedly brand new so how come there are already places with chips and even a small hole from bedroom two to the kitchen?

The inspections deadline is today, but the sellers have asked that I reschedule it for tomorrow or Friday. I left a message with the realtor to send me an addendum. The contract that we both signed doesn’t say, Inspections deadline is 4/30 “or around there.” So if they don’t get back to me with an addendum today, do I hurry and put together a list of the above items from my “inspection,” and run away? Perhaps this is what I get for going with one of the cheapest condos in the area. You get what you pay for, no?

(If you haven’t been following my misfit toys tales, check here, here, here, here and here.)


2 thoughts on “Condo Conundrum

  1. Lares, you are a posting fiend these days. I wish I could tell you what to do but I am completely void of knowledge regarding real estate purchases. I do watch HGTV occasionally, but I haven’t seen an episode about your current problem. I hope you can figure it out. How exciting to enter the world of mortgages though. I hope we get to some time soon as well. Good luck!


  2. I wouldn’t stress too much over it. Remember Alison’s experience? The flood when they were supposed to be moving in?? We had issues too, one of them a momma black widow in the basement! Special fun. 🙂 Let me know how it goes.


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