The procrastination queen

I am currently trying to complete finals for my Tech Writing graduate classes. This requires designing a brochure for an imaginary store, Hot Tootsies (no, I did not pick the name), and writing a paper on how to design for the web for the other class. Both are due today. Ask me if they’re done.

Ha, clearly, you don’t know me. They’re not done. (If you guessed correctly that they weren’t even close to complete, you deserve a gold star, but I’ll only give you one for your forehead if you tell me that you guessed correctly.)

Did I do my homework over the weekend? Friday night there was a very important fashion show and movie to go to after going to the gym and doing some furniture shopping. Saturday , there was the first soccer game in MONTHS! that I had to attempt to play in followed by setting up a hammock in the backyard (I fell off), filling the hot tub, going to lunch with James, Maren, Kasi and Martha, hitting up the gym with Pete and James, more furniture shopping–this time with mom, then helping out at Mick and Tracy’s with their brood of kids including the newborn, Kate. Sunday was busy with accompanying my mom (she’s a mean violinist) in a neighboring ward in the morning, then going to my block of church meetings, followed by dinner with loads of family, selling my funds to pay for my condo (Pete helped me out), and then of course we needed to test out the hot tub now that it had warmed up.

Sunday night at 10:30, I finally started on my finals. Who thinks they can procrastinate better than me? Who?

One thought on “The procrastination queen

  1. Me. I can procrastinate better than you. I had a 13 page research paper due on Friday. I started writing it on Friday. I think I win. 🙂


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